New Homes

Blue Boy: Brittany Country’s Scree Rayo (Scree)

Scree in Eastern Washington

Scree is living with his new dad, Darrick, on a family farm in Eastern Washington and is already learning to be an awesome hunter (getting his first practice as soon as he got to his new home on wild pigeons and already demonstrating a great fetch!). Darrick says, “He’s such a great pup! He’s loving farm life, he’s with me 24/7 and gets to experience new things and smells every day. He’s definitely the star of the show anywhere I go and loves the attention. He’s all business when its bird/training time and is learning so quickly!”

Purple Girl: Brittany Country’s Purple Rain (Josie)

Josie in Southern Idaho

Josie is living in Southern Idaho with her new dad and mom, Dave and Kristy, as well as two new fur siblings – a Brittany named Sami and a German Shorthair named Kenzie (along with two outside cats who are very intriguing to Josie!) Her dad, Dave, reports that along with having a great field next door to run and train in, Josie has already accompanied them golfing, is continuing her hunt/bird exposure training and is doing an awesome job on the lead. She is adjusting very well to her new household, and even (finally!) got Sami to play with her!

Pink Girl: Brittany Country’s Maggie May in Springtime (Maggie)

Maggie in Central Oregon

Maggie is living in Central Oregon and loving her new life with John and Marj, longtime Brittany owners and lovers of this wonderful breed who lost their 13 year old, Daisy Mae last year. John trained and hunted behind Daisy (who was the hit of their sporting club!) and is looking forward to training Maggie. Marj says, “Our Maggie brings in our daily local paper everyday. Unbelievable she picked up on her own last week. Daisy is definitely smiling in Doggy Heaven since she also used to bring us the paper. Maggie follows us all around 2 acres always looking back and comes when we call her. John is doing some hand signals plus plans more introducing to chukars. We Love her!! Maggie will be an excellent hunter plus wonderful new member of family” She’s also been on a couple of adventures with John and Marj, including a dip and exploration along the Deschutes River.

Green Boy: Brittany Country’s Springa Mystics (Cedar)

Cedar lives in Western Montana on a goat dairy farm with her new owners, Abigail and Colton. Abigail is a vet technician who’s Veterinarian boss is an upland bird hunter and has gotten her and Colton interested in the sport. Cedar’s new “dad and mom” say, “He is great! He’s so well mannered and an absolute joy!

Yellow boy: Brittany Country’s Spring Creek Amarillo (Rio)

Rio will be heading to Southern Arizona to owners, John and Victoria and family, but first gets to hang out just a little bit longer at Brittany Country, as they get settled due to a job transfer. His new family is looking forward and excited to get this new baby home where he will be a loved family and hunting companion! But for now, Brian’s very favorite training is the initial Puppy bird exposure and puppy hunt training, so he’s in his happy place! Rio is a very loving, smart, curious and bold boy, mixed with the typical puppy naughtiness! He has definitely won the hearts of the rest of the Brittany Country pack, even ol’ grumpy Bailey and the princess baby, Journey! It has also helped Jazz with the transition of all her babies going to their new homes.

Brown boy: Brittany Country’s Copper Spring (Copper)

Copper in Western Washington

Copper lives in Western Washington with Jeff, Tammy and Rylie and the Cavachon, Carmel. After traveling several hours to get home, Jeff said, “Copper did wonderful in the kennel the whole way home! Even pawed at the door to go poop!” He has done a great job adjusting to his new family life and “is mild tempered” and establishing a daytime routine was easy. He now is adjusting better to a nighttime routine and is enjoying playing a little fetch. In a few months, Copper will be attending a formal, 2-3 month hunting dog training program at Quicksilver Kennels.

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