Breeding Practices

It starts with GOOD breeding from RESPONSIBLE breeders

Our purebred American Brittanys are all from highly reputable, responsible breeders who entrusted us with a high quality Brittany from excellent pedigrees of healthy, genetically sound Brittanys with multiple Championship titles. Our goal in breeding is to continue, if not enhance, their pedigree line by focusing on producing puppies who are free from genetic defects and/or disease, who adhere structurally and conformationally to the Brittany standards, and who demonstrate the traits and temperament positively associated with the Brittany.

Breeding for HEALTH

Our Brittanys are evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundations for Animals (OFA) after the age of 2 years and have OFA certified grades of GOOD. Prior to breeding, our SIRE or DAM is given a complete health evaluation by our Veterinarian, including any needed vaccines or titers, and a clear Brucellosis. All considered breeding mates, also much show proof of OFA certification of GOOD or EXCELLENT, a clear Brucellosis, health check by a certified veterinarian, and up to date vaccines or titers. Both Sire and Dam must be free from any obvious and/or diagnosed genetic issue and/or disease.

Breeding Structure & Conformation

The American Brittany is the #1 dog with Dual Championships (Show and Field). Even so, many Brittanys and their owners do not participate or have a desire to participate in Dog Shows and/or Field competitions. However, for the better health, life longevity and performance excellence of this versatile breed, we strive to adhere to the Brittany standards in our breeding program. That’s why we choose to not only breed Brittany’s with HEALTHY pedigrees, we also choose those with Championship lines on both sides of the mating. Although not a complete guarantee of 100% Brittany standard conformation in every pup, it is an important factor in achieving the breeding goal of structurally sound Brittanys with an expectation of a healthy lifespan.

Breeding Hunters and Field Competitors

The Brittany love for hunting birds is our true passion and joy. If you’ve ever watched this gorgeous dog run the field, follow its nose and skid to a beautiful tail straight, leg up, stanch point, then you know what this breed was truly made to do. Along with Brittany standards, our breedings place importance on pedigree research and mating for the best possible Hunting and Performance Sport dogs. Whether its your family’s personal hunting dog; or you compete in American Field, NASTRA, or AKC Sanctioned Events; or looking for energetic family pet and companion, we want to make sure the puppy we breed meets our puppy owner’s needs.

Breeding for Traits and Temperament

Our love for the Brittany encompasses everything about this “clown of the sporting dog,” as they are so often called. So we intentionally want breeding pairs who are very active and intelligent; highly biddable and easy to train, playful and confident; and are positively socialized to people and other dogs.

We want our puppy owners to love everything about them, too. So here’s a few things to definitely be aware of before accepting this wonderful but VERY ACTIVE, HUNTING breed into your FOREVER home! First and Foremost they are INSTINCTIVELY a hunting dog. Their natural trait is to follow their nose, walking ahead of the owner and wanting desperately to go investigate where that nose leads. Pulling on a leash is a very common frustration and complaint with Brittany pet owners, so expect that if you are not going to hunt with your new Britt or have the area to let them run off-leash, time and effort needs to be spent in obedience and heeling when on a leash.

They also NEED EXERCISE daily. The saying, “A tired puppy is a good puppy,” is never more true than for this breed. Even as they grow into adulthood, they need lots of area to run and explore, as well as have some kind of structured activity that enhances their natural instincts to learn, think, run, play, fetch, and engage with their humans and others.

Brittanys who engage in activities that involve social interactions with their humans and others, as well as other animals, are truly wonderful dogs. They are called, “the clown of the sporting dog world” for a very good reason. A Brittany who is well socialized is a silly playmate who is generally up for a nice romp, game of fetch, tag, tug of war, even a swim (if water is introduced early in training). They are intelligent and generally quick to learn, although stubborn streaks are not that uncommon! A properly socialized Brittany is great with kids, friendly, sensitive, biddable, and loyal. As much as they love the outdoors, they also LOVE to be with their family as much as possible and, at the end of the day, there is nothing better than a Brittany snuggle!