About Us

Brittany Country of North Idaho is a small kennel breeder of Brittanys owned by Brian and Rhonda Jean. We fell in love with a beautiful Brittany named Trevor, owned by a family member, over 13 years ago. After some research and pending move to Idaho over 10 years ago, we got our first Brittany, Bailey. Since then, we have added Jazz, Thunder and Journey and have become thoroughly involved in Upland bird hunting, Field Trials and Hunt tests, and Conformation Shows.

We believe in breeding for the betterment of the breed’s health, conformation and temperament with a strong emphasis in promoting the performance aspects of this hunting breed. We currently have two breeding females and one stud male, with no more than one litter planned per year..

Brian is an approved AKC Field Trial and Hunt Tests judge for all pointing breeds. We are very active as Owner-Handlers and training our own Brittanys in the Field and/or Conformation shows, as well as members and supporters of various clubs and organizations that support the promotion of Brittanys and other Sporting Dogs. Brian is currently 1st Vice President of the California Brittany Club, where Rhonda is the Club Secretary. We are also members of the Northwest Pointing Dog Association, and associate members of the San Diego Brittany Club, Oregon Brittany Club and Idaho Brittany Club.