Homes – Part II

Teal girl: Brittany Country’s Duchess Silver Pigeon (Beretta)

Beretta in Northern Utah

North Utah is Beretta’s new home with Clint and Britanie and their teenage daughter. Clint owned a Brittany many years prior, and since moving and settling in Utah, on a land with property that borders public access that is full of upland birds, Britanie initiated the search that led them now to Beretta! Britanie reports that their new little girl is definitely “much loved, spoiled, loves her momma, and just the best puppy ever!” Clint has done some awesome initial hunt training with her and is getting some amazing results (see part of video where he has her responding to the “whoa” command and her beautiful little point!)

Red girl: Brittany Country’s Blossoms of Jasmine (Bella)

Jim and Vicki from the southwestern part of Oregon had two prior Brittany’s from Treasure Keepers, breeder Anne Henry (who also bred our Jasmine (Jazz) and Thunder.) Now they have Jazz’s little one Bella. They are in love with this little beauty and love having a Brittany baby back in the house.

Lime Girl: Brittany Country’s Dew on Sage (Sage)

Sage in Western Washington

Sage headed to her new home in Western Washington with Jason and Traci- and their 2 boys, who handmade blankets for her, rubbed them on Momma Jazz and brother Rio, on which she snuggled down between them on the ride toward her new life. She even got to enjoy a quick family camp trip (where she was reported to be an excellent little camper) on her way. Jason and Traci are also longtime Brittany owners, who lost their beloved Brittany. Along with being a very well-loved family companion, Sage will also continue her bird exposure training to eventually be out hunting with Jason and the boys! Traci was raised around hunting Brittany’s with her father still an active hunter behind his 4th Brittany!

Grey boy: Brittany Country’s Spring Air (Breeze)

Breeze in South-west Oregon

Beautiful Southwestern Oregon is now where Breeze lives with his new mom, Kim, and new siblings – a poodle mix named Lola and a Lagotto Romagnolo named Joey. Breeze is adjusting very well to his new routine and environment. Kim adds, “Breeze is doing great – sleeping, eating, drinking, potty-ing, napping, and bonding nicely with me and the household pack.” She has continued many of the Puppy Culture activities and her own training experiences to continue building confidence in novel situations and solidify already learned skills . Kim was already a member of bird dog training groups, the Southern Oregon Kennel Club and Sporting clubs, and has done barn hunts, scent work, agility, tracking and lure work achieving AKC titles. She is excited about Breeze’s hunting and competition potential!

Orange Boy: Brittany Country’s Gust of Spring Air (Gus)

Gus in North Idaho

North Idaho just gained another wonderful Brittany family. Gus met his new Dad, Jacob, and new Mom, Ashlynn, and it was love at first sight. Their Aussie, Gracie, also quickly became Gus’ new best pal. Although Jacob himself has never personally owned a Brittany, his grandparents and Ashlynn’s grandparents have owned and hunted behind Brittanys, so Gus was the natural choice for their own house and hunting companion. Jacob is looking forward to the training experience and has several Upland bird hunting friends who are eager to help, as well as his own research into Standing Stone methods. Jacob and Ashlynn are thrilled with their little, “very loving and playful” guy!

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